Social Support

Home Visits & Accompanied Outings:

These are companionship visits to people who are socially isolated and lonely. Visits are undertaken by volunteers on a fortnightly or monthly basis and last for 2 hours per visit. Home visit activities include reading books, writing letters, playing games or just have a cuppa and a chat. Accompanied outings assist people to do things like attend local medical appointments, visit the cemetery, purchase that special gift or enjoy a cuppa in a local cafe.

Social Groups:

Our organisation coordinates three social groups which meet fortnightly in room 3, Ulladulla. Social groups operate from 10.00am to 2.00pm with Community transport organised for group members to be picked up and delivered home. People who attend enjoy a freshly prepared meal, company of others, a range of activities, outings and have a lot of fun.

Interest Groups:

We operate three special interest groups which meet on a monthly basis, they are: vision impaired group, a craft group, and a scrabble group. Volunteers facilitate these groups and transport can be arranged to assist people to join in.